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  • My job requires a lot of phisical work and I was looking for a Chiropractor close from work when I found this clinic on google. Based on the reviews I visited Healing Sense Clinic, they have excellent service and Dr. Isaac is very good listening about your pain and educating you on the procedures he's following. He insisted to be persistent with the treatment and after a few sessions I felt the results and now my neck and upper back pain is not there anymore, my body feels more relaxed and I visit every month for adjustments because I feel is a good relief from all the pressure you put on yourself everyday. Thank you Dr. Isaac for your treatment!

  • I have had a severe low back pain and I didn't know what happened. When I went to my doctor, she recommended getting chiropractic which I never had experience with before and was kinda hesitant to go there but I did anyways since my doctor recommended. Now it has been about 1 month and I can remember that I was hardly walking with my back bent halfway. When I first went to this chiropractor, I really thought it was a joke. The chiropractor there was young and looked inexperienced and my first impression was like.. what can this chiropractor do to my low back. Regardless of my first impression, I took the chance since I didn't know what else I could do for my back pain. After few sessions of treatments, I realized that this doctor knows what he is doing and I was embarrassed of how my prejudice affected me. Fortunately, my first impression did not stop me from continuing treatment from him and now I appreciate how Dr. Isaac could help me with my low back pain. Now I can walk straight without 90% pain gone and hope I can see more progress. He is a true professional in what he is doing and plus he really cares about his patients' progression and everything.

  • I had a car accident (rear ended) almost 6 months prior to the first visit to Dr Isaac Lee in Burnaby/Vancouver. My neck hurts only mild in the beginning but after 4 months, I started to have weakness in my left arm and have weird sensation on forearm to fingers. I searched online because I got scared that I will be paralyzed and can not do any daily stuffs, not even mentioning about my work so decided to see a doctor who can help me with this. After about 2 months with Dr Isaac Lee, now I feel almost none of weakness and weird sensation on my arm and I really appreciate the help from him. Most of neck pain was gone as well and I barely feel it now. I never knew this type of mild neck pain can cause so much problems like this I had few months after the accident. Dr Isaac Lee is very caring and professional when it comes to treating his patients. I am glad that his office near my work in north Burnaby so I could stop by after my work. Again, much thanks to Dr Isaac!

  • I finally found a chiropractor who doesn't just focus on cracking my neck but really make it straight. I'm a regular chiropractic patient and fan of chiropractic adjustment. I have been to chiropractic for many years and I can tell when a chiropractor is just trying to impress me with cracking sound they can make or really trying to make my spine straight. I wasn't expecting much when I stopped by this clinic and I thought i would give it a try since it's close to my place. It looks like the clinic is new and even a chiropractor looks young and that made me nervous in the beginning. When he started treatment, I was impressed that he is not only for making my neck makes a crack sound but really focus on aligning my neck. He was not as experienced in making his treatment look more professional even though his treatment was way better than most of 'crack sound professionals' might look but I will understand this since he has not been in this profession many years like other business chiropractors. I am giving him 5 stars and I believe that he will be one of those successful chiropractor who can truly give a real chiropractic treatment to heal people. If you want a real chiropractic adjustment to make your spine straight, this is the clinic you should go for.

  • Initially I came to see Dr. Daeyoung at Healing Sense Chiropratic Clinic, Hastings St, Burnaby. for treating and managing my severe neck, low back and shoulder pain that I'd had for over 2 years because of Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion Surgery (ACDF) surgery that I had to undergo. After surgery I had very limited mobility while looking left and right with with severe pain continuously through the day. I had been seeing physiotherapist and Massage therapists 2 times a week on and off throughout the year but nothing worked much to manage my pain permanently. I've been seeing Dr. Daeyoung as part of my preventative health regime for my active lifestyle, After about 8-10 weeks of weekly treatments I saw drastic improvement in my neck rotation and pain it was all gone like a miracle. He has helped me recover totally from pain. He is the best at what he dose.After seeing Daeyoung I feel like a new person He has been an integral part of my pain management and ongoing physical health. If there were 6 stars he'd get that one too.

  • Dr. Isaac Lee helped me with a car accident pain on my lower back and neck pain. Now I am still not 100% but compared to what I had after the accident, that's big difference. My family was skeptical when I talked to them about what I experienced but they were skeptical at first but now they are taking about improvements here and there. I would strongly recommend Dr. Isaac Lee from Burnaby Healing Sense Chiropractic.

  • I have never seen any medical practitioners spending so much time to diagnose like Dr. Lee. He is very thorough and actually cares about his patients. My back pain prevented me even from walking but walking is not a problem now. If anyone asks, I strongly recommend Dr. Lee with confidence. Cheers!

  • I had a car accident and went through severe pain everywhere including my neck and low back. Dr Isaac Lee from Healing Sense Chiropractic helped me much since this car accident and I am so grateful he helped me to reduce this pain. With his help, I have been able to walk and stand better and I can't appreciate him enough. He is one of the best chiropractor I ever had and I am so glad he is there to help me and others.

  • I have been a patient due to a car accident. My car was white off and I had very severe pain all of the body. Dr. Isaac Dae young Lee is very proffessional, knowledgeable, and kind. Since beginning the treatment, I have noticed great improvements. He is very gentle and a careful listener as well. I could feel that he has a heart for the patients. With great experience, I strongly recommend Dr. Isaac Dae young Lee.

  • Isaac treats his patients with respect, courtesy and he's very knowledgeable. I have been a patient for the last eight months because of an accident that left me with upper & mid back pains. My condition has improved a lot. I also went in for a neck pain which I suffered from restrictions, couldn't move my neck before I got in. After treatment, boom magic next day I was jumping up and down and pain is entirely gone.

  • I got neck and low back pain right after a car accident about 2 months ago. My neck pain goes down to my arm and hand and my doctor said that I have pinched nerve on top of ligament damage. I was recommended to Dr Isaac, a chiropractor in Burnaby, and started my treatment from there. My pain was so bad in the beginning that I thought my arms will be paralyzed if I don't start any treatment. Now after 2 months of treatment by Dr Isaac, most of arm and hand pain disappeared as well as the neck and low back pain. I did not expect I will recover this much only in 2 months. I appreciate Dr Isaac helped me to recover from this car accident injury.

  • Isaac Is the nicest and best chiropractor I have met so far. He listens to his patients carefully. He spent the time to treat his patients. I had chiropractors who just spent 10 minutes but Dr Isaac would spend as much time as he need s to treat his patients. He is a very genuine doctor and easy to find a parking is a plus for me.

Healing Sense Chiropractic Clinic in Burnaby & Surrey

Our chiropractic clinic is located on a crossroad of Hastings Street and Boundary Road in North Burnaby, British Columbia. It only takes less than 20 minutes from Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Moody, and other cities nearby. We proudly opened our second branch in 23 15300 105 Ave, Surrey for those who live nearby in Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, and Abbotsford. Try out our chiropractic service and the initial consultation is free of charge. Our chiropractor will perform orthopedic and neurological tests and will explain your condition and treatment plans.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment is a manual adjustment or manipulation of joint/s of any part of our body. Chiropractors are known the best for adjusting spine but their manipulation can be done any part of joints such as shoulder, elbow, ankle, and etc. Many research studies support that chiropractic adjustment can increase immune system, increase functional mobility, and decrease pain.

Physical Therapy Modality

Most popular modalities our chiropractic clinic provides are commercial grade electrical stimulation and therapeutic ultrasound. Depending on symptoms and conditions of our patients, we will deliver different waveforms and frequencies of E-stimulation and therapeutic ultrasound.

Trigger Point Manual Therapy

Trigger point manual therapy is used when a chiropractor detects any soft tissue adhesion and scar tissues. These 'trigger points' are known to cause muscle pain and decrease our functional mobility, causing further problems if remain untreated.

Healing Sense Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Medical
Healing Sense Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Medical clinic in Burnaby and Surrey. Red spine and lower back pain.

Our Staffs

Our staffs are trained and motivated to treat our patients the best. They are professionals of what they doing and always striving to be the most reliable health care providers in Burnaby, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Moddy, and many more nearby cities. If you are in pain and any conditions that you consider health care treatment, do not hesitate to call and consult our professionals.

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Burnaby Healing Sense Chiropractic and Wellness clinic proudly offering health care programs to our patients. Professional chiropractic services in Buranby, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey and many nearby cities. Family doctor, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, and registered massage therapists will be available in the future.

Chiropractic Manual Therapy
Physical Therapy Modality
Chiropractic Adjustment
Chiropractic Manual Therapy

Myofascial trigger points are the hypersensitive and hyper-irritable spots on fascia that is soft tissue surrounding skeletal muscles. They can be caused by many different reasons such as prolonged overuse of muscles, acute trauma, degeneration changes, or…

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Physical Therapy Modality

1. Electrical Stimulation (TENS, EMS, Russian, IFC): Burnaby Dr. Isaac Daeyoung Lee’s Chiropractic Clinic will facilitate a commercial grade electrical stimulation. Electrical stimulation has many beneficial effects on patients. Benefits are listed below. – improve muscle strength…

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Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment or manipulation involves a gentle but fast thrust on one of the segment of joints in order to correct ‘subluxation’ which is defined as a dysfunctional joint movement in our body. Subluxation or ‘misalignment or…

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