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Are you looking for a good RMT Jobs Burnaby ?(Registered Massage Therapist)

RMT Jobs Burnaby are offered in Healing Sense Clinic and we are located on North Burnaby area on Hastings St, Burnaby. We are looking for a new/experienced RMT to join our team. If you are motivated to work in a team and thrive, please apply to our clinic via email preferably. We can do direct billing, advertising, provide rooms and supplies as you need.

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RMT position income/payment

RMT position in Burnaby Healing Sense Clinic is based on a competitive percentage split. We will pay monthly/biweekly basis depending on your preference. We have semi-flexible percentage splits depending on the level of experience, full/part time status, or working locations. We unfortunately can not rent the rooms out since our therapists need them.

RMT Jobs Burnaby Requirement

  • Fully registered in BC and a good standing with the massage therapist association
    (If you are a student RMT, you can still apply with different condition.)
  • RMT liability insurance covering at least 2 million dollars.
  • Great attitude with passion to help our patients and grow together.
  • Formal uniform is NOT required but at least professional attire is recommended.

RMT Hiring Burnaby – Support

  • We will do all front desk tasks and direct billing for many different insurances and ICBC.
  • We will provide all necessary items such as linens, towels, oils, and etc.
  • All scheduling and advertising will be provided.
  • Street parking, in-building parking, customer parking, and reserved parking are available.
  • In-office laundry is available.

Registered Massage Therapist Hiring Burnaby

We would like to have our registered massage therapists to be happy and work in good environment. You must be happy to make our patients happy and grow with the other therapists in our clinic such as chiropractor, acupuncturist, and kinesiologist.

Many of our patients have been waiting for a good massage therapist(s) and many of them are covered by extended health insurances and ICBC car accident cases. Many of our patients will be very happy to see a new registered massage therapist and also the people in the Burnaby Heights and North Burnaby areas will be happy to meet you.

How long does it take for a new RMT to have enough patients flow?

It really depends on the experience, skills, personality, and referring system. So, it will be very different from one RMT to another. However, there are certain period time it takes to get RMT to have a steady flow of patients.

First of all, it is very important to be registered with extended health insurances since many patients come with the extended health benefits. It may take 1-4 weeks to be registered with the clinic and you have to plan ahead. Second, ICBC registration as a registered massage therapist may take between 1-3 months after the application. Third, even if a clinic advertise for you, it make take some time for people or patients know that you are in a particular clinic. Overall, you have to plan a few months ahead in order to have steady influx of patients with direct billing available.

New RMT graduates are welcome!

If you are a new graduate RMT, do not worry. We will guide you to go through and introduce you to our patients and our website to get to know each other. We will support you to be working as comfortably as possible and grow together.

Are you a RMT student and about to graduate?

RMT jobs Burnaby in Healing Sense Clinic is open to RMT students who are willing to join our team. We will introduce you as a student RMT and help you transition into a fully registered massage therapist in Healing Sense Clinic in Burnaby and also in Surrey.

Contact Information

Burnaby Healing Sense Clinic – click here for website

101A- 3701 Hastings St, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5C2H6

RMT jobs Burnaby – we would prefer email contact. Please do not call our clinic number! If we are not replying your email within a few business days, then give us a quick call. Thank you.

Email: dokkebi3@hotmail.com

Surrey Healing Sense Clinic location for RMT jobs Surrey

We are also looking for a RMT in Surrey location as well! If you are around Surrey Guildford area, please apply for this RMT jobs Surrey position.

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