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Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment or manipulation involves a gentle but fast thrust on one of the segment of joints in order to correct ‘subluxation’ which is defined as a dysfunctional joint movement in our body. Subluxation or ‘misalignment or dysfunctional joint unit’ can have detrimental effect on our health and should be treated with chiropractic adjustment. If a vertebrae segment is subluxated or ‘misaligned’ from a normal position, it can cause inflammation on surrounding tissues such as muscles, fats, or nerves which in turn can cause pain or discomfort on the area. There are some research studies show that these subluxations or ‘misalignments’ can lower our immune system, lower productivity, increase fatigue, and further progress to more serious conditions if untreated.

Burnaby Healing Sense Chiropractic Clinic presents a professional chiropractic care for different pain conditions including, but not limited to, subluxation. If a patient comes to Burnaby Healing Sense Chiropractic clnic, a Burnaby chiroipractor, Isaac D. Lee will carefully assess her or his condition and will explain individually specific treatment plans. During the chiropractic adjustment, the dysfunctional joints may or may not have ‘crack’ or ‘pop’ sound depending on the length of time a patient had the subluxation, if she or he ‘cracked’ her or his joints earlier, how dehydrated her or his body is, and also if there are any arthritic changes. Burnaby chiropractor, Isaac D. Lee, will focus on aligning or correcting any misalignments or subluxations rather than making a ‘crack’ or ‘pop’ sound since the main purpose of chiropractic adjustment or manipulation is to restore the normal function of the joint.